About Us

Office and You with its immense research and knowledge is focusing on Indian culture, body shapes and skin tones of working women professionals. We understand the challenges of women when it comes to picking the right outfit for themselves. O&Y is our years of experience trying to equip you not just with the art but the science of aesthetics, in order to make the best choices. We focus on timeless fashion and effortless styling. We do not believe in fast fashion but empowering fashion.
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About the Team

Designing is a process of understanding human psychology. More so the psychology of unspoken. It is our team that renders your thought process and personality into real creations. Every creation by our team at O&Y is an outcome of understanding human behavior, cultural preferences, body shapes, skin-tones, age groups, weather conditions, social commitments and public appearances which they collate with latest technological developments. Various processes liker anti-crease, anti perspirant and anti-peeling are given serious considerations. O&Y team is pledged to bring you the best and the latest.