Rules for Dressing Appropriately at the Office

Rules for Dressing Appropriately at the Office

What Business Casual Means for Women

Business casual attire is less formal than traditional business clothing but still professional enough to be office appropriate. office wear outfit can be a combination of skirts or cotton pants with a button-down blouse. A simple jacket or blazer can be added to complete the look for dressier occasions.

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Here are some examples of clothing women can use in mixing and matching

  1. Tops: wrap-around cotton blouses, classy sleeveless shirts, turtle necks, tops with dressy but decent necklines, sheath dresses in neutral and solid colors
  2. Bottoms: pencil-cut skirts, knee-length skirts, dress pants
  3. Shoes: stilettos, pumps, open-toed heels, closed kitten heels
One should avoid wearing:

Avoid: strappy flat sandals, ballet flats, denim, pants with bold prints and bright colors, spaghetti straps

Rules for Corporate Wears for Ladies

1. Avoid Cloning

Your clothes define your personality. Observe the colors, styles, prints, and patterns that your colleagues and juniors wear. Add a pop of color or pattern to an outfit, think blouses and tops. Choose the color which will compliment your skin tone. Pastels, jewel tones, plaids, muted florals, and prints are all acceptable.

2.Quality Over Quantity

Wear clothes which are well fitted and well- made. Oversized clothes will make you look and feel shabby. Clothes that are too tight can be restrictive and highlight areas they shouldn’t. Also, Crease free materials or well-ironed clothes will always make a good impression. Think quality over quantity. When shopping, pay attention to the materials and craftsmanship of the garments you purchase.

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3. Don’t play the part

Your work wardrobe should reflect what you are. Dress smart and keep the curiosity alive. Express yourself the way you want others to perceive you. Tailored clothing always looks better. It pays to invest in just a few high-quality outfits that are interchangeable than in several poor quality outfits.

4. Don’t Show too much skin

Dresses and skirts should least graze the top of your knee. Keep in mind, when you sit your dress/ skirt will automatically rise up, making it seem shorter. Be aware of any slits your clothing might have as well.

Showing a cleavage at the meeting is not appropriate. Make sure the tops are not see-through. consult your employee handbook or to HR for specific dress code rules for your office.

5. Don’t overdo your makeup

If you like to apply a bold shade of lipstick. feel free to go for it. But then keep everything else very natural. Avoid overly dramatized makeup like falls eyelashes, Smokey eyes or bronze.

6. Pants and Suits

Stick to tailored pants with a crease. Avoid synthetic fabrics like rayon and polyester blends which wrinkles quick and also not good for Mumbai season. The hem should cover the ankle and it should not be draped to the floor. Even if you have a well-shaped figure, stay away from too tight pants.

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