We all have our favourite colours. Colours that reflect our character and moods. But you can also use colours as a tool to influence your moods, because it impacts how we think and behave. So, empower yourself with Colour Psychology to command your moods, your behavior, perception about you and your acceptance at work place. Though there are generalized perceptions about colour but O&Y focuses primarily on perceptions based on Indian sensibilities in terms of culture, lifestyle and skin tones, with its only focus on women.

We all know what is our skin tone. Whether Light, Medium or Dark. But what’s your skin undertone? Is it warm(yellowish) or cold(pinkish)?

Before you chose your colour for the day from O&Y remember these following points

  • Pastels and softer hues work best on lighter skin tones
  • Rust, Pale Pink, teal blue best compliment medium skin tones
  • Warm and earthy tones compliment with warm undertones
  • Softer and cooler colours compliment cool undertones