Office wear formal Guide, Ladies!

Office wear formal Guide, Ladies!

Looking good in proper office wear formal not only get you the compliment from your colleagues but also makes your self-esteem high. Being professional is not only about your skills but also how you project yourself at the workspace. Wearing something smart, work appropriate, and trendy at the same time can add to your personality.

In early days women in India use to wear sarees and salwar suit to work, but not anymore today’s women are experimenting with their office looks.

Office and You with its immense research and knowledge are focusing on Indian culture, body shapes and skin tones of working women professionals. We understand the challenges of women when it comes to picking the right outfit for themselves. Office &You  is our years of experience trying to equip you not just with the art but the science of aesthetics, in order to make the best choices. We focus on timeless fashion and effortless styling. We do not believe in fast fashion but empowering fashion. We have a good collection of corporate wears for ladies, formal western clothing for women, office wear for ladies, everyday wear ethnic clothing and many more.

Here we are sharing a few tips for Corporate wears for ladies

1. A Formal Top with a Pair of Trousers

Simple button-down shirts always work. Blouse with different colors or with details like bows and ruffles can be an easy way to look your blouse look cookie cutter. opt for chic pair straight cut trousers instead of full length, which might make you feel stuffy. Pants like Wide-leg, pleated, skinny, and cropped all work, as long as the lines are clean and the material doesn’t look like it belongs at the beach or gym. Pants should be properly fitting, which guaranteed to look more professional from the get-go.

2. Palazzo Pants and Blouse

 A strip palazzo pant works best with a plain blouse/ Top. If you are wearing a single color palazzo then you can wear it with a printed blouse. One can wear this formal dress on the presentation day or for an important meeting.

3. Formal Skirt

The pencil skirt style dress appears appealing on all body types, making it a viable choice for wardrobe. If you have pear shape body then this skirt will reveal your curves in a most graceful fashion.

Pencil Skirt is one of the most preferable formals wear. Wear Pencil skirt with a formal shirt and blazer to get that Businesswomen look. to complete the look team up with a nice pair of pencil heel pumps and minimum accessories.

The skirts are a grate choice for summer as well as for winter seasons. Office and you have a good collection of Lycra skirt.

The business skirt should be hammed just around the knee length. Also, it should not be too tight or too short.

General Tips

  1. Understand what is appropriate in your industry
  2. Make sure your clothes fit properly if your clothes are too big or too small, they are not going to look good.
  3. Pay attention to your bag, if your bag doesn’t have zipper then keep it clean on the inside. so, others to catch a glimpse from time to time.
  4. Don’t over accessorize. As accessories are meant to complement your outfit, not overpower it.
  5. Don’t be too sexy. Do not wear inappropriate clothing. Avoid too shorts hemline, tall heels or exposed undergarments.
  6. If your pant or skirt has a belt loop, you should wear a belt. Remember to choose a belt which compliments your attire.
  7. If you choose to wear a scarf, choose one made of 100% silk. Adding a scarf to your attire will give to chance to add some fun to your look.

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