What India Wears To Work

It has only been a decade and a half since Indian women have found a new and a prominent role in the corporate segment. With mostly no clear rules for work-wear, they have been experimenting with everything from stone washed jeans to masculine blazers to a kurta that looks nothing more than casual home wear. They are always struggling to find the right outfits for their office and are left with no other option but to go with whatever is available.

The big question is “What is an ideal workwear for the multifaceted, multicultural, multitasker Indian woman?” It is fascinating to note that the answer is not as straight forward and simple as one might think. Especially when it comes to what most brands are offering.

Did you know that most women are not satisfied with their body shape, or part of it. Or that most of them try to camouflage it through various body shapers. Or that many of them look pale and sloshed even when wearing their dream outfits. We just didn’t assume these facts…we know this, and much more, because we have designed and customized outfits for thousands of Indian women over last 15 years; under VARIJA Lifestyles.

O&Y Woman

* She is a multitasker with multiple roles juggling between boardroom meetings to busy streets to corporate functions representing her organization.

* She is well achieved and well-travelled who knows the best fashion trends.

* Though fashion does not dictate her performance but it surely compliments it and makes her confident.

* She is a woman who is an inspiration and who creates her own benchmarks for other to follow.

* She is the woman who empower others to feel empowered herself.